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At TimeWise we understand that more than any other hospitality professional we are the ultimate representatives of the property in the eyes of residents and guests. We are committed to providing a stellar level of service through our full time dedication, total professionalism, and by adhering to the highest ethical standards. We will guarantee a quality service that meets or exceeds our client's expectations.

We realize that in most buildings, the Concierge will be the "first point of contact" for your residents and their guests. TimeWise provides an on-site concierge team that will represent your property with the utmost professionalism.

From the routine daily tasks of accepting deliveries & announcing guests, to booking tickets to sold out shows & making reservations at the finest restaurants, our team has the knowledge, contacts & ability to ensure your residents are provided exceptional service.

If your property doesn't have the need for an on-site concierge team, we have the perfect solution. Our off-site concierge provides the same realm of services available with an on-site concierge to your residents via phone, email or web.

To successfully differentiate yourself in today's market you need to provide something extra. TimeWise will elevate your building's image by offering services such as: dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up, lunch orders, restaurant reservations, reminder service, transportation arrangements (cabs, car service, limo), show tickets, tenant appreciation events and more.

Progressive companies are increasing efficiency and productivity by incorporating cost effective concierge services into their employee benefit packages. Personal concierge help employees relieve the pressures of juggling personal and professional responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their tasks while at work.

It's the ultimate perk that helps companies attract and maintain top talent.

Our duties are as diverse as the tasks given to us. Our relationship with our clients can be as simple as planning an activity or making dining recommendations. Or it can be as complex as arranging a private jet to take you and your guest horseback riding on the beach in Acapulco. We extend the red carpet to all of our clientsno matter the task.

At TimeWise, we realize that many companies are more comfortable hiring their own staff rather than outsourcing the concierge department to a third party. We also understand that it is not an easy task to locate experienced concierge, nevertheless concierge with Las Vegas experience. TimeWise has the experience & contacts necessary to arm your staff with the tools they need to provide top notch service to your tenants.

We will come in, assess the needs of the concierge desk at your property and train your staff in areas such as:

  • How to handle typical & unusual requests
  • Forms & logs for deliveries, orders, client profiles, etc.
  • Arranging transportation, securing show tickets, reservations, booking tours
  • Organizing the department - Setting up contacts & information files
  • Concierge "Philosophy"- Characteristics, Ethics, Client Privacy
  • Building & maintaining relationships in the industry - how to make the contacts needed to serve their residents

The TimeWise team has spent many years building & nurturing relationships abroad. We have the contacts & the ability to get things done. If you have hired concierge staff that is primarily in place to offer "front desk" services (package acceptance, guest announcement, etc.) to your tenants, TimeWise will provide the missing link needed to provide over-the-top service to your tenants. We will essentially act as an "extension" of your concierge. Your concierge or front desk staff will have access to our experienced team via phone or email for the fulfillment of requests relating to entertainment (ie. show tickets, reservations, etc.), as well as personal requests (ie. grocery shopping, business referrals, gift ideas, etc.).

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to assess the needs of your company.

TimeWise has established relationships with Preferred Vendors who are diligently screened to ensure quality, reliability and exceptional service. We require each Preferred Vendor to be licensed and insured and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. By utilizing our Preferred Vendors, you & your clients save time & money. We can customize your Preferred Vendor list to suit the needs of your business.

If you are a vendor interested in becoming a TimeWise Preferred Vendor, please send an email to vendors@timewiseconcierge.com.