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Home & Business Inventory Services


Over the last 15 years our company has provided lifestyle management services for busy people.  We've also worked with hundreds of homeowners keeping our eyes and ears on their vacation and second homes while they're away, and have assisted with moves.  In doing so, we've had the opportunity to assist homeowners with insurance claims due to floods or burglaries. The one thing most people do not have is an accurate inventory of the personal property in their home or office, and that is the first thing the insurance company will ask for when you file a claim. 

We are all about saving our clients time and stress, therefore we are pleased to announce a new service available in our southeast Virginia location this Fall 2017, TimeWise Inventory Services.  We are a proud Licensee of Nationwide Inventory Professionals.

In addition to Home and Business Contents Inventory Services for disaster preparedness and recovery, TimeWise Inventory Services also offers residential documentation services for:

  • Collectibles
  • Separation of Assets
  • Prenuptials
  • Estates

Small Business Inventory Services for:

  • Disaster preparedness and recovery
  • Asset tracking
  • Budgeting
  • Preventing duplicate purchases
  • Preparing for buy/sell/merger/acquisition transactions.

For more information, visit our dedicated inventory website at www.timewiseinventory.com, or contact Julie Ulrich